Shawn Grove Wood Fired Pottery



Shawn grew up in Malvern, Pennsylvania and first connected with the ceramic arts at Longwood University where he received his bachelor of arts degree. He settled in the Village of Lucketts, just north of Leesburg, Virginia where he began to develop his vision for Wood Fired Pottery which was established in 2002. Shawn has since completed his Master of Arts degree at Hood College with a concentration in ceramics. He is an art educator with Loudoun County Public Schools. Wood Fired Pottery is one of many small, rural businesses in the Lucketts community.

The perception of beauty can be found in nature with its predictable, yet still unpredictable patterns. The beauty of the wood fired process is the creation of a one of a kind piece of work that can never be replicated in its entirety due to the chaotic flux of the fire. Chaos in essence is order disguised within disorder and such is the wood fired process. Utilizing elements of nature including raw earthen clay, ash glaze, wood, and fire, the production of an organically based art form is achievable. We believe strongly in the interaction and experience of humans with art forms, as art in its earliest creations was interwoven with daily life. Wood Fired Pottery with a focus on functional wares for the home and garden achieves these ideals.

Shawn M. Grove
41718 Browns Farm Lane
Leesburg, VA 20176

Tel. +1 703 477 7021